Cream puff are the perfect introduction to French desserts

Have you always been afraid of making fancy French patisserie ?

If the answer is yes, then this course is for you!

I used to only make brownies and cookies because I was afraid of the seemingly fancy French desserts. Cream puff are the first technical French desserts I have made and have ignited my passion for patisserie.

This course will teach you in a simplified manner, many of the fundamentals of French patisserie that led me where I am today. Join the course so you can become better at patisserie!

Stop wasting time scouring Youtube for the perfect recipe. It's here.

I have been making cream puffs for 9 years and teaching to more than 400 students for 4 years. With this course you get lifetime access to pre-recorded videos and PDF with everything you need to know to make perfect cream puff and eclairs. All the recipes are have been designed to make sure that you will succeed every single time whether you are a beginner or advanced baker!

What equipment do you need for this course?

The only mandatory tools for this class are:

-a scale

-a spatula

-piping tips & bags

-a hand mixer

That's all!

Because the class is for the home baker, I designed it so you can make cream puffs with minimal equipment!

For those who have more equipment (like a stand mixer) or are willing to upgrade their kitchen, I also give a list of optional equipment that will help you improve.

Learn how to make these cream different kind of cream puffs and their fillings

Once you master the art of making cream puff, you can make your own desserts, and even mix and match the filling to create something YOU would love

Vanilla bean cream puff

A classic but delicious

Chocolate eclair

The iconic chocolate eclair with chocolate pastry cream and a chocolate icing

Rose and pistachio cream puff

An original dessert created especially for this course


Vanilla and caramel cream puff

Hazelnut Paris Brest

Get personnalized support

if you have any questions about any steps in my course, comment on any of the lectures and I will reply promptly. If you ever get problems getting the results that you want, email me so I can help you troubleshoot. My goal is to make sure that you will succeed, I will always find the time to respond and help you get better !

Ruth's testimonial

"Good morning Chef! I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the pastry course. I am a home baker with no formal training and the course was perfect for me. I appreciated the combination of recipe and videos so I could clearly see what I should be looking for and handle surprises like my namelaka coming together sooo fast. Thank you for responding to my questions so quickly.My first attempt at cream puff was delicious and work colleagues were super impressed. It will take a little practice with piping to get consistency in size and shape but I’m excited to try the eclair and pistachio cremeaux! Would love a follow up course on macaron!" Ruth Arnush @rarnush on instagram.

Bonjour, I am Said M'Dahoma AKA The Pastry Nerd

I am a French-Comorian baker living in Calgary, Canada. I was born and raised in Paris, where I got my Neuroscience PhD and ate pastries all the time.

Eight years ago, when I moved to Canada, I started missing French pastries so much that I started baking on my own. My passion for baking grew so much that I decided to use my science knowledge two years ago for baking instead of research and launched the Pastry Nerd.

Since then, I was elected Foodie of the year for Western Canada, participated as a sourdough judge for CBC radio, and grew from 500 to 220K followers across different social media platforms teaching French pastry with my account @said.pastrynerd. I sold my pastries (lots of cream puffs and eclairs) at pop-up events but my real passion is in teaching !

So far I gave pastry classes to more than 400 students and taught to over 100 people how to make cream puffs.

Lina's review and eclairs:

I learned a lot from Said's course. He gave me the best "clue" as to when the cream puff dough texture is perfect. That helped me out from the dark days of never-successful choux. In the course, everything is explained in the best, most straightforward manner for everyone to understand. He assists his student's struggles into success. I finally understood and got the essential technique for baking successful eclair shells! His instructions are spot on! Plus, It felt like a friend was teaching me,: I felt that I was allowed to make mistakes without being embarrassed to ask him"

Lina Kaspers (l.kaspers on instagram)

Here is a picture of her eclairs:

Jacqueline's review

"The Basics of cream puff for the home baker by The Pastry Nerd Said M'dahoma is a course created by someone who is eager to share his knowledge of pastry and help his students succeed. The course is thorough and provides clear step-by-step instructions to help students prevent any common pitfalls.  I appreciated the feedback I received after my first attempt with my cream puffs. Said was able to provide me quick answers to my questions and I saw immediate improvement with my second batch due to his guidance.  I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn the art of Choux pastry!"

Jacqueline Hockney @jjhockney on instagram

Do you want to impress your friends and family with your own creations?

Master the art of making cream puff and create your own desserts. You can mix and match recipes from the course to create THE cream puff that you like

Here are some of the reviews I got from teaching cream puff online over the years.

Whether you are a new or experienced baker, you will learn something from this course!

Lifetime access to the course!

When you enroll in the course, you get lifetime access to all the videos, and downloadable PDFs. You can watch, pause and playback the videos as many times as you like. No monthly or yearly payment involved, no subscription renewal, just a one time payment to get access to the full course. Plus, you get, for free, all the new recipes that will be added to the course!

Here is what you can find in the curriculum (click on the arrow to see all):

  Welcome to the cream puff course
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days after you enroll
  Cream puff recipe
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
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  Vanilla cream puff
Available in days
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  Chocolate eclair
Available in days
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  Rose and pistachio cream puff
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Vanilla and caramel cream puff
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Paris Brest
Available in days
days after you enroll

With this course you get:

-step-by-step guide for cream puff recipe and multiple fillings four croissant recipes

-Lifetime access to all content

-Billed one time only

-Access to FUTURE videos

-Downloadable and printable PDF for all recipes

-30-day refund policy

Nowhere can you find a course with this much information about cream puffs online.