The art of French Macarons, simplified

Making macarons from home can seem intimidating. That is why I created this class to help people who want to learn the art of making beautiful, AND tasty French macarons.

Because the class is designed for the home baker, I made sure to simplify every step of the process to make the class as easy as possible to follow.

I believe that if explained in simple terms, with a lot of details, and with high-quality videos, everyone can make macarons.

Bake whenever you want, at your own pace

With this class, you get lifetime access to pre-recorded videos and foolproof recipes in a downloadable PDF.

You can pause, or accelerate the videos and watch them whenever you have time!

Understand the science of macarons.

In this class you will not only get a recipe but I also included a thorough explanation of the macaron-making process. By the end of the class, my goal is to help you understand how to make macarons and why certain actions are made rather than others.

What equipment do you need?

The required appliances for this class are:

-a scale

-a hand mixer

-a whisk

-a small food processor

-a spatula

That's all!

Because the class is for the home baker, I designed it so you can make macarons with minimal equipment!

For those who have more equipment (like a stand mixer) or are willing to upgrade their kitchen, I also give a list of optional equipment that will help you improve at making macarons.

Invest in yourself

See this class as a shortcut to successful macarons. Instead of scouring the internet for hours hoping to find THE perfect recipe, stop right here and get a foolproof method on how to make French macarons.

Plus, once you purchase this class, you will get a $50 off coupon to use for any of my other in-depth courses.

Bonjour, I am Said M'Dahoma AKA The Pastry Nerd

I am a French-Comorian baker living in Calgary, Canada. I was born and raised in Paris, where I got my Neuroscience PhD and ate pastries all the time.

Eight years ago, when I moved to Canada, I started missing French pastries so much that I started baking on my own. My passion for baking grew so much that I decided to use my science knowledge two years ago for baking instead of research and launched the Pastry Nerd.

Since then, I was elected Foodie of the year for Western Canada, became a regular guest on national Canadian radio, and grew from 500 to 200K followers across different social media platforms with my account @thepastrynerd. I sold my pastries at pop-up events but my real passion is in teaching !

So far I gave pastry classes to more than 300 students and helped them improve their baking.

Here are the macarons of my student Ruth and her testimonial:

After my great success with Said’s cream puff/eclair course, I was very excited to try his macaron course. My first attempt was good but not great- but fortunately Said responded to every message and provided guidance. Second attempt (the pistachio) was perfection! So much fun and really not hard with Said’s clear videos and notes. I’ll be making more macarons for the holidays and then dive into his croissant course. Merci beaucoup Said!!

Ruth Arnash (@rarnash on Instagram)

Get the personalized support you need to succeed

What makes me unique from other course providers is my availability and willingness to guide you through the process: if you have any questions about any step in my course, you can ask questions about any lecture of the course and be sure that I will always find the time to respond, and help you get better at making French macarons!

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