Make the tarts of your dreams!

If you have always wanted to make beautiful and delicious tarts but were afraid to do so, you found the right place! In this course you will leanr eveyrthing you need to know to make beautiful tart shell with delicious fillings !

Learn how to make the perfect tart shell

The most common problem for people when baking is having their tart shell puff or shrink during baking. I explain in the course, in detail, how to roll your dough thin and line it to achieve a perfect result, all the time. Consider this course as a shortcut to success.

With the course, you get lifetime access to all videos and downloadable PDF.

You can watch, pause and playback the videos as many times as you like. No monthly or yearly payment involved, no subscription renewal, just a one time payment to get access to the full course. Plus, you get, for free, all the new recipes that will be added to the course!

Create stunning desserts to impress your friends and family

Here is the list of tarts and fillings you will learn how to make:

Get personalized support!

I designed the course so that even complete pastry beginners can make beautiful tarts. However, if you encounter any problems or have any questions about any steps of my course, you can be sure that I will always find the time to respond to your email, assist you and help you get better at making tarts! My students are my number 1 priority!

Lemon meringue tart

A classic yet perfect combination with lemon curd and Italian meringue

Chocolate and caramel tart

Indulge yourself with a decadent tart with caramel sauce and chocolate ganache

Pistachio and orange blossom tart

For the pistachio lovers! Orange blossom pairs really well with pistachio but can be replaced by vanilla :)

Crème brulée tart

A simple yet delicious tart with a creme brulee filling topped with caramelized sugar

Coming soon

Passion fruit and caramel tart

Coming soon

Raspberry and vanilla tart

Bonjour, I am Said M'Dahoma AKA The Pastry Nerd

I am a French-Comorian baker living in Calgary, Canada. I was born and raised in Paris, where I got my Neuroscience PhD and ate pastries all the time.

Nine years ago, when I moved to Canada, I started missing French pastries so much that I started baking on my own. My passion for baking grew so much that I decided to use my science knowledge two years ago for baking instead of research and launched the Pastry Nerd.

Since then, I was elected Foodie of the year for Western Canada, have been invited multiple time as a pastry expert on Canadian radio and TV, and grew from 500 to 200K followers across different social media platforms with my account @thepastrynerd. I sold my pastries at pop-up events but my real passion is in teaching !

So far I gave pastry classes to more than 400 students and helped them improve their baking.

Learn from the comfort of your home

Bake at your own pace and get confident in your skills by working from your own kitchen. Once you enroll in the course, you can watch the videos anytime you want, pause, or accelerate them. You can download and print the PDFS to all the recipes, they are now yours!

Do you need to be an advanced baker to enroll in this course?

Absolutely not! If you are a beginner baker who has just started baking, you will find in depth explanation, PDF and high quality videos to make sure that you will succeed. Plus you can always reach out to me and ask for help anytime. If you are an advanced baker, do not worry,you will find in this course have lots of advice that you probably did not see anywhere else and more challenging recipes.

Do I need fancy equipment for this course?

The only mandatory tools for this course are:

-a scale

-a rolling pin

-a tart pan/ring

-a hand mixer.

That's all!

Because the course is for the home baker, I designed it so you can make tarts with minimal equipment!

For those who have more equipment (like a stand mixer) or are willing to upgrade their kitchen, I also give a list of optional equipment that will help you improve at making tarts.

See what the Curriculum offers

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days after you enroll
  Basics: the importance of ingredients in tarts
Available in days
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  Tart doughs
Available in days
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  Lining a tart dough
Available in days
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  How to bake a tart
Available in days
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  Mini tart
Available in days
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  Easy: tarte creme brulee
Available in days
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  Medium difficulty: Chocolate and caramel tart
Available in days
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  Medium difficulty:Lemon meringue tart
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Difficult: Pistachio and orange blossom tart
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Frequently asked questions
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15-day refund policy!

With this course, whether you have made tarts in the past or not, I can guarantee you that you will never need another recipe! All the information you need to make tarts is packed in here. I am so confident about it that if you realize that this course does not provide enough value, you can ask for a refund within 15 days of the purchase.

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If it is a surprise, use your email address at checkout and during enrollment, and reach out to me after the purchase so that I can create a 100% off coupon for the recipient of the gift.

My email address: [email protected]

With this course you get:

-step-by-step guide for four tart recipes

-FAQ solving the most common tarts' problems

-Several lectures about the science of tarts' ingredients

-Lifetime access to all content

-Billed one time only

-Access to FUTURE videos

-Downloadable and printable PDF for all recipes

-15-day refund policy

Nowhere can you find a course with this much information about tarts.